Artist Profile
J. Randall Murphy

I was born in Calgary Canada in 1958, which makes me old-school, not old. Okay, who am I kidding? I just happened to get lucky with the shadows and the self-timer.

The truth is that in real life, I actually look slightly younger than Keith Richards, who is what, about four hundred & fifty?

Around the age of twelve, my parents split-up, and our Mom moved my younger brother and I to Invermere, a small town in the Province of British Columbia.

It was there in my early teens that I began hearing music on the AM radio that was very different from the direction my music teachers were taking me. I was curious, and young minds aren't easily dissuaded from investigating.

So I stuffed the microphone that came with our home stereo cassette deck into my old hollow-body acoustic guitar and started to play. Suddenly I was a star - at least in my own living room.

By my 16th birthday I'd earned enough money cleaning phones, selling Watkins Products, and delivering ice around the Columbia Valley, to order a shiny new Sears Silvertone electric guitar from their mail order catalog. BTW if you remember mail order catalogs, then you're also old enough to remember that instead of delivering orders by drone, they used pterodactyls.

My Mom, thinking it better that I learn how to play it than just make noise, also got me a new teacher. His name was Mike Smith. He had a solo gig going at the Fairmont Hot Springs resort. During my first lesson, he introduced me to barre chords and a Beatles riff from Day Tripper. I was forever changed.


Unfortunately my lessons with Mike didn't last long. I think my Mom felt that he'd taught me to make more noise instead of less. But it was too late. This was the mid-1970s and the musical influences from that era in classic rock were too powerful and transformative to ignore.

They include The Beatles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, CCR, Elton John, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers, Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Status Quo, Nazareth, Supertramp, ZZ Top ... ( you get the idea ).

Since then, I've been in and out of more music projects than I care to remember. I also worked a variety of day jobs, attended university, and became active in the field of ufology. Much of that can be found on my ufology website at

There you can find out more about me, including some of my experiences in the realm of the paranormal, including a UFO sighting by three of us back in Invermere when we were in our teens. I also cohost The Paracast with Gene Steinberg.

The Dream Lives On

In June 2019, I posted my first YouTube music video for the song Earth Abides, a post apocalyptic piece I wrote and performed during the late 80s while heading the local Calgary underground band 9DAZE ( not to be confused with any current band by the same name ).

After 9DAZE imploded, I dropped out of the music scene and learned website design. Now that's all come together as My Music Project, a website where myself and other artists can post tracks and videos, and perhaps even collaborate on some new ones.

Although it's probably too late for me to make much of a splash ( or even a ripple ) in today's music scene, it would be cool to hear an established artist cover one of my songs or for one of them to donate a song of theirs to the project!

If you happen to be an agent or promoter who thinks you can sell or license any of these tracks, or have a project that could benefit from an independent licensing arrangement, please get in touch. I'm always looking for opportunities to work with others who I feel are the right fit.

In the meantime, virtually anyone can participate in My Music Project just by liking and sharing YouTube videos and doing all that social networking stuff that kids these days are so good at. You can also purchase singles on CD or buy them via digital download for only $1.50.

I'm always looking for ways to kick my creative projects up a notch. So other artists, videographers, graphic artists, performers, and creatives of all types are welcome to contact me if you have something positive you'd like to contribute. It's not all about the money!

That being said, imagine the expanded creative possibilities that professional videographers, visual artists, and performing artists could bring to the project. So if you're a patron of the arts, and also cool, your participation in fundraising would be welcomed ( PayPal link below ).

Thank you!